Dr Richard Meacham

Qualification & Education

Dr Richard Meacham is a Counselling Psychologist and a graduate member of the PSI (Psychological Society of Ireland). Richard attained his undergraduate degree in Psychology and Philosophy from the University Limerick, concurrently completing a Diploma in Drug and Alcohol Studies and subsequently completing a Masters degree in Applied Psychology from Trinity College Dublin. Richard continued his professional training completing a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology from Trinity College Dublin.

Professional Experience

Richard’s specialist experience is in the area of mental health promotion and conservation, specifically through the platform of mindfulness based interventions and training. Through his years of experience as a mindfulness practitioner, teacher and researcher, his enthusiasm for the area has never stopped growing. During his training Richard witnessed the profound impact that adopting a more mindful and compassionate approach can have for people who are facing some of life’s most difficult challenges. Since then he has been using mindfulness, in workshops, courses in the public and private sector, as well as in his own private practice.

In his research Richard has studied the use of mindfulness-based interventions in the treatment of substance abuse, from the point of view of initially the therapist, and how they, not only used it with clients, but also for themselves, to guide and steady themselves throughout the work that they did. Later Richard was able to research the impact of mindfulness within the recovery of substance users and the difference that it made to their life as a whole.

In his clinical work, Richard primarily employs an integrative approach based on Person-Centred principles and values while incorporating Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioural, Mindfulness-Based, Existential and Emotion-Focused Therapeutic approaches. This integrative approach allows him to adapt and mould the psychological intervention to meet the individual needs of each person, who chooses to engage in therapy.

In the area of training and education Richard has had to privilege to work as an wellness expert for Ireland’s largest healthcare provider, bringing mindfulness and other topics in the realm of psychology to hundreds of companies, through workshops, courses, webinars and online training. This provided a platform for speaking about mental health and how to work on and improve our relationship to our thoughts, emotions, physical selves and others, to tens of thousands of people. Promoting mental health in the community and especially in stressful occupational environments is a central principal of Counselling Psychology.

Personal Experience

My personal experience with mindfulness began while in college, straight out of secondary school, studying to be an Electronic Engineer. My mind was constantly on the go, always thinking, always analysing, constantly trying to fix the world around me and me! I really believed that if I just thought hard enough about it all, that it would somehow finally be the way that I wanted it to be, or thought it should be. All that thinking gave me a head-ache to say the least, never mind the growing anxiety, distractfulness, forgetfulness, and always ‘on the go’ having to do something, and never feeling comfortable just sitting. My mind would never switch off, thinking about thinking. As an engineer, I tried my best to problem solve and I came across mindfulness in various different guises and I learned to sit with myself. I learned that I did not have to think all of the time and I cannot in words fully describe to you what a relief that was. It felt like the world had been taken off my shoulders and I was able to rest, really rest like I had not done in a long time. I studied mindfulness through many traditions, mainly Buddhism which I have a great affinity for, Hinduism, Christianity and finally, but not least, through the framework of psychology. I was so impacted by my experiences, that I could change my relationship to my mind, thoughts and emotions by simply watching them using mindfulness, that I changed my whole career path and moved towards psychology, not only so that I could study and research it, but share the gift of mindfulness, that had made such a difference to my life.


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