Corporate Training

We offer a variety of workshops to companies, organisations and for individuals who wish to bring the gift of mindfulness into the workplace. We offer anything from 1 hour introduction training up to the gold-standard eight week training programme and beyond, inclusive of materials, follow up, and one-to-one support to meet employee needs where they are at.

So why mindfulness in the work place? Just look at  Harvard Business School where they integrate mindfulness principles in their leadership programmes. Check out the many articles on mindfulness published by Forbes on mindfulness. Business is about People and if the People in business benefit from mindfulness then everyone does. So what is the benefit of mindfulness and what does it mean?

Mindfulness simply means awareness and getting used to practicing mindfulness gives us a much needed way to stay in the present moment, without judgement, something that is a lot harder than it sounds. We begin to see how distracted we actually are when we begin practicing mindfulness and we see how much time, effort, and energy are consumed by these distractions, by the distracted mind. This is the beginning of mindfulness. We need to firstly see how things actually are. Then we begin training the mind/attention/focus to be less distracted, freeing up all that wasted time, effort and energy to bring into our daily life and into our work.

The research on mindfulness is extensive and continues to grow year by year. Mindfulness helps to reduce stress, anxiety and conflict, and increase resilience and emotional intelligence. Most importantly, it helps us not only to be physically present in our work, but also psychologically and emotionally present by listening to our needs and those around us.

Mindfulness is like a gym for the mind (with less equipment necessary! ) we can do it anywhere, any time, whether it is in the middle of a presentation, or whether we need some headspace before we need to reply to an email. Mindfulness is an essential life skill. It helps reduce stress, prevents burnout, and helps us to be more engaged in what we are doing.

The Gift of Mindfulness team are very passionate about the preventative approach to mental health, giving people the tools that they need to not only maintain their mental health but also boost it. Given the demands that are present in the workplace, mindfulness training is a necessity, which our team are glad to offer.


1 Hour Introduction to Mindfulness

Mindful Eating Workshop

Mindful Movement

4 Hour Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop


6  Week Mindfulness Training (One hour session each week).

8 Week Mindfulness Training  (One hour session each week).