Mindfulness: Finding Peace in a Frantic World by Mark Williams

A great guide for those looking for somewhere to start with mindfulness. I think that I have recommended this book at least a hundred times, and from the feedback people find it a great resource. Whether a complete beginner or an experienced mindfulness practitioner, this book has something for everybody. Williams writes with the confidence of a wealth of experience and his co-author communicates all the research in a very digestible format. The book not only provides theory but a practical and very achievable outline of an 8 week course, that you can do by yourself or with a like-minded and curious group. The book comes with an audio cd so that you have all the practices or you can get the ebook that comes with the audio files. I cannot more than highly recommend this, but as a biased individual I would still say there is nothing like learning about mindfulness in a group setting from experienced mindfulness practitioners who can communicate the “heart of mindfulness”. This book is a great accompaniment to any course, training or therapeutic intervention.