Insight Timer – Free

Insight timer is my all-time favourite. I have watched it grow over the years and now it is a resource beyond what I thought it would ever be. It bring thousands of practices to your phone, or tablet, everything from a hour long walking meditation to a 60 second breathing space. Everyone that I have recommended it to have found it very useful, and after some searching found different practices or instructors that they liked best, so I would say experiment, there are some there you won’t like or have any affinity to but keep going, until you find that one that will enrich your practice for the coming weeks and months. There are a few that I go back to every now and again for a treat or others that I know I need but are difficult to do.

Also there is a timer, and you can include bells to mark the passing of time. Plus it tracks your practice and gives you stats if you like that. And there are vibrant and active supportive groups to be apart of and contribute to.

So overall, in my experience, Insight Timer is one of the best.