Struggling to Practice this Morning? Here’s a few tips

sleeping-1159279_960_720Struggling to even think about doing your mindfulness practice this morning? Well, here are some tips that might help.
1. Short & Simple
Make it short and simple. Even say to yourself I will practice for just one minute. Let yourself be surprised and see how that minute goes and then maybe do another 🙂 The best time is when you wake up, right then, start your day with a few simple mindful minutes. Just 60 secs at a time can make a huge difference, you don’t even have to get out of bed for this 🙂
2. Let the Perfectionism Go
Forget about doing the perfect practice or creating the perfect space- that’s a fantasy, Hours spent online trying to find the right cushion or the right mindfulness guided practice, is hours of mindfulness practice not done. Refer to point 1- keep it simple, really keep it simple, use what you have at hand, with the environment how it is, just sit with it and see if you can begin to enjoy the perfection of imperfection.
3. Be Playful & Open to Learning
Be playful and open to learning. That amazing book title, “zen mind, beginners mind”, says it all. Each time we practice mindfulness, it is the first time we are watching our minds, thoughts, sensations, feelings, sounds, smells etc. that are all completely new and unique no matter how many times we think we have seen them before. This is really the first time that we are seeing them. Be willing to allow yourself to make mistakes in your practice and do it imperfectly, refer to point 2.
4. Begin Again
Begin again, no matter how hard we try or how simple and playful we try to keep it we will fall out of the habit of practice and then a few days or weeks may pass before we return, so begin anew, rediscover mindfulness, starting with a one minute practice and build up again, not putting pressure on getting back to where you had been, just refer to point 1,2 and 3 again. Like with any mindfulness practice, when you get distracted, notice you are distracted and gently and kindly just begin again.
We hope this may inspire some Mindful Sunday Mornings. Please let us know what works for you 🙂

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